The Western Bloc vs China in Clash of Giants: A Veteran Lankan Leftist Speaks

Lakshman Gunasekara**

“I am NOT interested in Western anti-Chinese conspiracies, having been familiar with them all my Left activist life since 1974. My interest is (as a good Communist) in the internal problems faced within China and grappled with by the Communist regime there – including the Han ethnocentrism, the anti-Uighur AND anti-Tibetan racism, the huge social problems faced by the intricately managed, partial transition to the capitalist market and, by the new class relations that the CCP must manage with the rise of private capital. So, I repeat my request that if you do come across such studies, please do point me to them. Not this stuff which is as old as the Cold War.

To reiterate: being a veteran Communist and anti-Imperialist, I am quite familiar with the counterpropaganda needed to combat Western imperialist propaganda. For over 45 years, I have been familiar with the counter propaganda put out by the former Soviet Union, Vietnam, China et al, and am not fooled or diverted by it. We, Communists, have been doing this all this time! But the problems inside China are new and most interesting and must be studied by us who are thinking of a future on similar lines (if humanity lasts long enough). Are they not of serious social scientific interest? seems to think so. “

** The highlights here are those pressed by Lakshman. I add that his remarks on these lines were presented initially in a private EMAIL NOTE in response to the article by Ajit Singh placed in Thuppahi a few days back. I then suggested that he should place the thoughts in the public realm and this MEMO was his reply 9sent to me). I deem the thoughts significant enough to give them independent exposure so that Sri Lankans as well as the odd Western or Far Eastern visitor to this site can scrutinise the thrusts.

High-Level Western Picture of Uyghur Genocide directed towards Shaming China


Mr. Lakshman Gunasekara, President – Sri Lanka Chapter, South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA)

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  1. Fair Dikum

    Suggest the writer begins his inquiry by viewing this documentary

    One cannot ignore the issue of terrorism when talking about Xinjiang, even if the West do just that. If the footage contained in the above documentary are not terrorist attacks in China, then 9/11 was not a terrorist attack, which means terrorism doesn’t exist except as fiction. The notion Han Chinese are ethnocentric or anti-Uighurs is misleading and going down the wrong track entirely in terms of making sense of the CCP. What occurred in Xinjiang needs to be understood in the context of the rise of global terrorism that came out of 9/11. As for making sense of the CCP, a very different method and technique is required.

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