Coconut Goodies Sri Lankan Style …. with Hard Work



Since the ancient times Coconuts have become so closely linked with every Sri Lankan cuisine! Coconuts have become a part and partial of Sri Lankan cooking. Later on due to this deep bond with this versatile crop, the coconut tree became well known as the “Kapruka“ on earth ( “Kapruka” is a mythical tree which is known to be in the heavens where it is believed to be a wishing tree that grant every wish & abundance of wealth).

Coconuts are available in abundance in My village, Dankotuwa. Hence Grandmother is very efficient and experienced in making various delicious desserts & different savoury dishes by using coconuts. It is a tradition and age old practice for Grandmother to make a yummy sweets made from her own hands & to go and gift the shares on every 1st of January to all her daughters and sons who are our aunts and uncles! I also get together with Grandmother with much enthusiasm to prepare the sweets.
Usually a big quantity is prepared to gift away to 5 families. This time 5 baking trays are being baked with this delicious cake called “Bibbikkan”(Sri Lankan cococnut cake). Basically the scraped coconuts is cooked with coconut treacle over a low heat until sticky and sweet(we call it “Pani Pol”), and then this sweet mixture was mixed well with flour, dried raisins, pumpkin preserve, cashews and semolina. It’s a very common practice to add a bit of ground spice mixture (a combination of cinnamon, cardamom, sweet cumin, cloves etc)To enhance the richness and the flavour of the Bibikkan as well as for most of our Sri Lankan traditional, sweets. Brothers coconut water drink was indeed a very welcomed thirst quencher while making the cake. Even though our brothers sneaky attempt to avoid the scraping of the coconuts, was caught red handed because of his singing which I’m sure must have heard by everyone in the neighborhood! Though His sneaky attempt to avoid the scraping of the coconuts, his coconut drink was an absolute hit. His delicious coconut water drink with basil seeds mixed with juice of butterfly pea flower(nil katarolu mal) is a very cooling drink to the body! The same cooling effect is there in cucumbers, basil seeds and coconut water. Anyhow our brother is very clever and talented in making very quick and instant things. Grandmother is a very good cookery teacher as she taught me how to make Bibikkan. but I strongly believe that she is an expert in making the sweet coconut mixture than me. This sweet coconut mixture is the base of this dessert as the richness and the texture is depending on the perfect sweet coconut mixture! The sweet coconut mixture will be come bitter if the treacle get burnt or if the sweet coconut mixture is over-cooked. Then the end result will be a bitter taste Bibbikan! I always like to gift wrap these baked coconut cakes beautifully since they were to be gifted on the 1st of January. Nothing works so well for this than a slightly heated up banana leaf. I am sure everyone would love the idea of gifting such an eye catching and yummy dessert on the 1st day of a brand New Year for their loved ones! May 2021 bring you success and good health. Happy New Year! Nadee *** Please turn on CC (Subtitles) to know the ingredient names.

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