Yvonne Gulam Hussein …. between Sir John and Richard Nixon

Courtesy of Firazath Hussain of Wellawatte and The Fort, Galle …. who noted:  “Nixon Floored. Ceylon then & style of the times !  In Tuxedo…..Richard Nixon as a state guest … with Sir John Kotalawela. Richard Nixon, US Vice-President made a visit to Ceylon in November 1953 & stayed at the Galle Face Hotel…. Love the Lankan ladies ever so elegant in their Kandyan Sarees / jewelry… and of course stylish Yvonne Gulam Hussein seated between Sir John Kotalawela and Nixon.”

A COMMENT from ASOKA KURUPPU of Brisbane, 4 January 2021

Photograph taken at Kandalama Estate at a banquet hosted by Sir John Kotalawela.




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6 responses to “Yvonne Gulam Hussein …. between Sir John and Richard Nixon

  1. Lam Seneviratne

    Seated left is Lord Soulburyand extreme right is perhaps Onally Gulam Hussein and behind him is Alice Kotelawala and behind her Mrs Smith ? -Sir John’s friend in the UK .and to her right Ena Aluvhare? The gent standing is perhaps Colvin R. de S

  2. Lal Wimalaratne

    The gent standing is not Colvin, it is most likely Justice C Nagalingam, Acting Governor General.

  3. Lal Wimalaratne

    The photograph has done the rounds in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The consensus is that the gent standing in the background is non other than Justice Nagalingam.

  4. Vinod

    Kandawala Estate, not Kandalama.

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