World Shaking Moments and “Bivva Neda Vadakaha Sudiya”

Senaka Weeraratne

In 1955, the Solar Eclipse caused quite a commotion among people in Sri Lanka resulting in speculation on a range of outcomes. Some offered a Syrup (Paniya) called ‘Vada Kaha Sudiya’ claiming a potency to turn a darker coloured skin into a fairer skin colour. Hundreds of women jumped at this offer and placing faith in the claim (like snake oil) rushed to take the drink, drank the syrup and fell ill. Some died.

Extraordinary times produce unusual personalities and unusual concoctions. Like the Dhammika Paniya now offering a cure for COVID – 19.

A brilliant musician captured the spirit of the times (1955) and wrote lyrics and composed a melody to the tune of a Baila Song.  It became the rage of the musical world. It has lasted for over 65 years without losing its popularity at parties and get-togethers .  It continues to have a hold on listeners to this day.

Will the COVID – 19 pandemic produce a similar song that will outlive the life span of the current generation? Your guess is good as mine.

Be that as it may, let’s dance and sing to the tune of the  VADAKAA SUDIYA !@#!!!

Wadakaha Sudiya (Original) – C D Fonseka

Compannage Daniel Fonseka, better known as C. D. Fonseka was born on the 27th February 1932 in Moratuwa. He received his education at St. Sebastian’s College Moratuwa. From his early childhood he took a keen interest in music, and followed foot steps of his father who was associated with Sinhala drama and cinema. At the tender age of 18 he released his first song ‘Kandukaraye’ written by Bertram Denipitiya. He entered into professional music scene in 1950 and had continued success for 34 years with over 100 songs recorded. With his song ‘Malsara’ in ‘Senasuma Kothenada’, opened door for C.D. to enter into Sinhala cinema . C.D. released his only cassette ‘Oyata Rathney’ in 1985. Fonseka bade farewell to the music world on the 11th May 1986. Song credit – Peter Ranasinghe


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