Shark! Shark! … Major Danger off Australia’s Waters

News Ttem 25 October 2020 ….

A Queensland man is undergoing emergency surgery in hospital in the state’s north after being attacked by a shark while spearfishing.Paramedics and a rescue helicopter were rushed to Britomart Reef, off Lucinda and around 140km north of Townsville, at around 12pm today after a distress beacon was set off.The patient, a 59-year-old man, had been spearfishing with a friend when the shark attacked and bit his thigh.

The friend of a man attacked by a shark in Queensland saved his life by applying a makeshift tourniquet.US Navy diver Rick Bettua was seriously hurt in the “catastrophic” shark attack on the Great Barrier Reef.Mr Bettua, 59, was mauled on the leg by a suspected bull shark while spearfishing at Britomart Reef, off Hinchinbrook Island near Lucinda, around 140km north of Townsville.

Flight critical paramedic Ruiyi Yin said while he had a pulse, Mr Bettua had to be resuscitated when they arrived.”His friend had applied a makeshift tourniquet which I think was absolutely critical in saving his life,” Ms Yin told Today.

Shark attack victim Rick Bettua
Shark attack victim Rick Bettua (Nine)
Flight critical paramedic Ruiyi Yin brought the shark attack victim to shore. (Nine)

“He had suffered a significant injury to his upper left thigh and also some significant blood loss as well.”Mr Bettua – who is a dive specialist with the US Navy and originally from Hawaii – was bitten yesterday afternoon at around 12pm.



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