Rajiva Wijesinha’s “Servants” returns to Our World

Godage and Bros have reissued an expanded edition of Professor Rajiva Wijesinha’s novel ‘Servants’ which won the Gratiaen Prize for 1995. Launched at the triennial conference of the Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies held in Colombo in August 1995, the book was acclaimed both in Sri Lanka and abroad. The following year it was awarded the Gratiaen Prize, jointly with Sybil Wettasinghe’s ‘The Child In Me’.

The Italian delegates  promoted its publication in Italy, and in 2002, a translation entitled ‘Servi’ was published in Milan by Giovanni Tranchida Editore and was shortlisted for the Premio Nonino for a translated novel.

The new edition includes two chapters, moving back to domestic concerns following concentration on the political which concluded the first edition.



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