Eelamist Movement Rises Again in the North?

Dinasena Ratugamage, in Island, 15 August 2020, where the title is “Wiggy makes vow before LTTE memorial”

Newly elected TMTK (Thamil Makkal Thesiya Kuttani) MP C.V. Wigneswaran, on Thursday (13), vowed before the LTTE memorial at Mullivaikkal that he would fulfill the aspirations of the Tamil people.

 The retired Supreme Court justice and former Northern Province Chief Minister said that he wanted to make a commitment at Mulliwaikkal before taking oaths as a member of parliament on August 20. The ex-Chief Minister was accompanied by former TNA MP M. K. Sivajilingam. Sivajilingam failed  in his attempt to return to parliament on the TMTK ticket.

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President Rajapaksa at War Memorial in the north after the defeat of the LTTE .... see

Maaveear Nal on 26 November marked at various moments within Thamileelam in the early 2000s  …..

…. and even in GoSL space at Vavuniya in 2004

while commemorative and/or propaganda events were marshalled in many cities in the West at significant moments in the Eelam ritual calendar

at Sydney

at Geneva


…. and scenes of maaveerar surrounded by tropes of abundance within a maaveerar shed at VVT captured’ by Michael Roberts in November 2004 while an epitaph at the centre of Kilinochchi photographed by Ravi Vaitheespara underlines the sacrificial symbolism and demands of the Tamil Tigers …. with their cause drawing widespread support not only from those within Thamililam but also fromTamilactivists in TRincomalle area and the south …. …… clearly Wineswarans in the making

 Heil Pirapaharan !

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