USA as World’s Policeman 1945-2020

An Incidental Point from Dr Cornel West’s Indictment of the US Administrations’ Internal Policing Programs

KEY Detail within Transcript: USA has 800 military bases worldwide; and has has carried out 211 interventions since 1945.

SEE video and transcript of yesterday’s interview with Dr Cornel West on the 7.30 Report on ABC in Australia =






…... and FINALLY absorb these items

Thuppahi: “Diego Garcia and the fate of Its Indigenized Chagossian People,” 7 October 2018,

Michael Roberts: “Koggala in he Western Imperial dEsign in the 20th century: 1931 Onwards,” 14 November 2019,

Ashley De Vos: “Base in the Centre of the Shipping Lanes,” 22 July 2016,courtesy of The Island, in LankaWeb =


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2 responses to “USA as World’s Policeman 1945-2020

  1. Chandra Wickramasinghe

    Thanks. Arrogance and hubris ! Panta rhei !

  2. Tony Donaldson

    I’ve recently read comments coming out of America saying it was a mistake for Britain to give Hong Kong back to China. However, those articulating this view fail to recognise it was wrong for Britain to colonialize Hong Kong in the first place. The key phrase is “giving back Hong Kong”. It is fair to ask whether Hong Kong would have these problems today if it had never been colonalized.

    Throughout history, we find, too often, thst whenever Britain withdraws from a colonialized territory, the negative legacy they leave behind causes major problems for independent nations lasting many decades, if not centuries. Their legacy is still being felt today, such as conflicts between India and Pakistan, racial divisions in Sri Lanka, or in Cyprus, to name a few.

    I wonder why no Western leaders, Neoliberal Western think-tanks or the media have raised issues about human riots violations and police brutality in the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests in the US. Western leaders are quick to condemn Hong Kong when it comes to the so-called “pro-democracy” protests and claiming human rights violations, but are silent when the same thing occurs in Western countries. This shows a dishonesty and insincerity about human rights and police brutality. Contrary to popular belief, there are no universals here. It all depends on ideology and the political system of a country, and that appears to explain why Western leaders are so quick to criticze Hong Kong, and so slow or never criticze other Western countries when violations occur there. Ideology dictates different rules for different countries.
    There are no (or few) absolute universals.

    Most Western governments would like the Black Lives Matter issues to fade away and disappear so governments can continue without fundamental changes.

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