Carnivores in the Heart of Sri Lanka

A kabaragoya at Hampden Terrace Wellawatte … pix by Gina Fernando

A Black Leopard at Nallatanniya Sri Pada Forest Reserve

… leopard tranquilized in attempt to save his life .... a vain effort as it turned out

Another instance of a leopard (normal species and standard size unlike the black giant) trapped by a snare laid for wild boar at Yatiyantota

THE CONTRAST: A Vista of Normality

A male leopard reposing in smug satisfaction ….

How say we?

Well …….

Witness the preliminaries


An Aussie pal in Adelaide sent an immediate riposte depicting a man-eater in his back garden ….

adelaidiean -- 222

An illustration demonstrating why Sri Lanka is a “lucky country”


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4 responses to “Carnivores in the Heart of Sri Lanka

  1. Rohan de Soysa

    Michael, Ayesha Abdur-rahman recently posted a photo and video of one in her garden at Ameresekere Mawatha, Colombo 5. Rohan

  2. Hugh

    That must be Appuhamige kabaragoya!! Those who remember the old Royal thomian ditty will know !!

  3. Patrick Rodrigo

    Twenty years ago a real giant Kabaragoya quietly went by my house in Polhengoda, and a baby Thalagoya was under the coverlets of my bed and my wife got the shock of her life, so I caught it and threw it out, my wife was pregnant at the time. Nature is real and should be enjoyed.

  4. Chandra Wickramasinghe

    Thanks Mike.

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