Dolphin Hotel as Army Quarantine Centre

News item, 7 May 2020, with this title “Army uses Hemas’ Dolphin Hotel as a fully dedicated quarantine centre”Hemas Holdings PLC controlled Club Hotel Dolphin, Waikkala, has completed its fifth successful week as a dedicated COVID-19 Quarantine Centre. All operating costs, during this time period, are being borne by the Hemas Group, and the Dolphin Hotel, in the interest of supporting the government, frontline healthcare workers and armed forces personnel.

Club Hotel Dolphin was handed over to the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), headed by Army Commander, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, on the 30th of March, and has so far housed over 200 individuals, in quarantine.

“Currently there is around 36 quarantine centres, most of which are managed by the Army. I have to specially mention that Club Hotel Dolphin has been made available to us, free of charge, for over a month, as a dedicated Quarantine Centre. It is used to house medical personnel, armed forces officers, and members of other institutions, in the frontline of the fight against COVID-19. It is under the supervision of the armed forces and health authorities, and we can confirm that no other guests are staying within the premises. They were the first hotel to be used for this national cause, and now other organisations are also coming on board as quarantine centres”, Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva stated, commenting on the contribution by the company.

Day to day operations, including kitchen, maintenance and utility services, continue to be carried out by the hotel’s dedicated staff, as frontline personnel in quarantine for possible COVID-19 infection are hosted at the premises. Over 60 employees work at the hotel, daily, maintaining the facilities and preparing meals according to a menu planned and provided for by the Armed forces. The forces personnel have graciously joined hands with the management and staff to supervise the stay of the occupants and to make it as pleasant as possible, under the trying circumstances.

Achintha Nilupul, a Radiographer attached to the Apeksha Cancer Hospital, in Maharagama, had to be quarantined after possible exposure to COVID-19 in the line of duty. “We were given all facilities possible, from the moment we entered the Club Hotel Dolphin, on the 3rd of April. I would like to thank the armed forces personnel, and their superiors, who managed the quarantine process. Had it not been for the Hemas Group, and the management and staff of the Club Hotel Dolphin, for providing us such a wonderful place, it is possible our quarantine process may not have been completed properly. For all those who served us, thank you!” he said.

According to officials of Hemas Holdings PLC, the company has always striven to serve the nation, in every possible manner, and the Club Hotel Dolphin will continue to work together with the Sri Lanka Army as a free-of-charge Quarantine Centre, during this time of need.

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    A big thank you to Hemas Holdings PLC on behalf of the Country and her people.

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