The Australian Government: led by irrational and insane leaders

Fair Dinkum,

The Australian government’s premature and outrageous attempts to blame China for the coronavirus are politically motivated. The government have absolutely no evidence to support such claims, and worse still, the government has now decided to reject the evidence of the world’s best scientists.

By rejecting science and prematurely declaring China responsible for the coronavirus, Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton and Marise Payne have become totally irrational in their thirst for power as they now attempt to seduce global leaders to rally around Morrison and Trump to launch an unjustified international investigation into China over the coronavirus.

As expected, the Rupert Murdoch media, primarily through The Australian newspaper, are joining in this insanity by ramping up support for these idiots, acting as judge and jury based entirely on lies and manipulation.

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Both Australia and the US have recklessly set out to destroy the World Health Organization using a web of lies and deception; stoking fear and inciting hatred against Asians that has resulted in widespread vicious racist attacks against Asians. The rest of the world are now able to witness how deeply entrenched racism is in Australia. It is a national disgrace that Australian politicians have chosen to incite racism even further with the latest attack on China which clearly shows the Australian government is no longer led by rational leaders.

Rational and responsible leadership is coming from world leaders in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and New Zealand, to name a few, who have decisively rejected the lunacy of Trump and Morrison’s criticisms of the WHO. They understand the World Health Organization has performed an outstanding job over the coronavirus. They also understand Trump’s press conferences are full of lies, propaganda and deceit to massage his own ego in preparation for the 2020 elections.

Australia has benefited from the advice of the WHO which has found its way into their own advice given to the Australian people. Morrison, Dutton, Payne and Trump are full of praise for themselves, quick to criticize the WHO with politically fabricated lies, yet totally intolerant of criticisms against them, behaving like Nazis.

Trump is pure evil. This idiot leader now wants to liberate the states in the US so he can liberate the virus and kill more Americans. That the Morrison government seeks to crawl up his arse to support him, and to wrap themselves in his evil insanity by stoking unfounded founded fears is extremely harmful to the Australian economy and the national interests.

Under Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton, the extreme right-wing of the Australian government have always rejected science because of their egomaniac thirst for power and profit.  Only a few months ago, many Australians began to see for themselves the profound impact climate change was having on the Australian bush fires that raged for many months around much of Australia and caused widespread destruction. Yet, these irrational idiots in our government continue to reject science and climate change. That is criminally insane as the Australian government is putting the country and the world on the path towards destruction on a scale far greater than the coronavirus.

While sitting in Canberra spewing out false accusations against the WHO, Scott Morrison ensures immunity for himself of any criticism of his own mishandling of the Bushfire crisis by ensuring the Bushfire Royal Commission, established in 2020, does not point the finger at him, or blame the government. In other words, he has written an immunity clause into the objectives of the Royal Commission. Thus, he is both a hypocrite as well as an idiot. This is the leader, who, after holidaying in Hawaii during the darkest days of the Bushfire crisis, returned to Australia and told the media: “What do I know about emergencies? I’m just the Prime Minister.”  Can you imagine Winston Churchill responding to the Nazi invasion of Britain by telling the media: “What do I know about warfare? I’m just the Prime Minister.” Churchill was a true leader. Morrison is a fake.

Let’s be clear. The Australian government are now embarking on a dangerous political game. They are setting out to conceal the truth of the world’s best scientists. They are setting out to recklessly destroy the World Health Organization for selfish political purposes. 

There is no place for a one-sided politically motivated investigation into China as the US and Australian governments have prejudiced it from the outset, and so China has excellent reasons to reject it outright.

The true purpose of the Australian and US governments attempts to launch this absurd investigation is not about getting to the truth about the coronavirus. That objective has been tainted by idiot political leaders. The true purpose in Australia and the US governments launching this absurd campaign is to use the coronavirus as a trojan horse excuse to achieve their ultimate goals which are,

  • to destroy China;
  • to destroy the Chinese people;
  • to destroy China’s economic and global rise, thus setting them back into the stone age; and
  • to reassert neoliberal Western hegemony over the world, with the US as the only world leader.

History is supposed to teach us lessons. But the US and Australian governments seem totally incapable of learning the lessons of history. Australia is suggesting this investigation into China should be on the same scale as the international investigation into WMDs in Iraq in 2003. In their rush, they have failed to comprehend the illegality of that investigation.  The Chilcot report, which investigated the US and Britain over their conduct in the illegal war in Iraq in 2003, found US spy agencies had produced flawed information or even outright lies to justify this illegal war. The Chilcot report stated: “Tony Blair exaggerated the case for war in Iraq. There was no imminent threat from Iraq and George Bush ignored UK advice on post-war planning.” This international investigation never found any WMDs because both George Bush and Tony Blair made the fatal mistake of believing what they wanted to believe and then exaggerating the case for an illegal war. History is now repeating itself.    

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