Imbecile Leaders: Morrison and Trump

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Scott Morrison’s handling of the crisis is causing terrible confusion in Australia.   He is telling Australians to stay at home, but people are free to go out, but stay at home.  Many of his statements are in that spirit…. The man of democracy making the health crisis a matter of personal choice rather that what is best for the country. This shows alarming signs of an inability to act decisively and so the virus can continue to spread easily causing many more infections.

The only way to stop the spread of this virus is for everyone to stay at home, not as a matter of personal choice, but because it is best for everyone as it is probably too late now to use the Singapore or Taiwan solution. The federal government were too slow …

There is no restriction on construction workers who do not practise social distancing.

Trump is also sending out confusing signals. I suspect because his heart is still in the stock exchange (which is tied to his political survival) rather than the crisis and what is best for the people. He says he wants America open for business in two weeks, before Easter, and that he is getting on top of the problem. His only reason to make such irresponsible statements is to artificially boost the stock exchange, even as the number of infections in New York surge past 50,000, after he said just a few weeks ago that he expected the number of cases to fall to zero.

He should be certified insane for making these kind of statements which send confusing signals —  thus giving the virus a big advantage over humanity. His actions are helping the virus to spread and cause unimaginable damage while his rhetoric says he is fixing it. America deserves better leadership.

He displays an ineptness and is totally incapable of admitting his own mistakes, always blaming others, and is unable to formulate a clear and decisive policy to deal with the crisis.

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“Cruise Ship sends Covid coursing through Sydney and Australia,”

HOT PRESS from a Melbourne Pal, 26 March 2020

Many reports of infections increasing in the Melbourne CBD  even in apartments in the street I live.  CBD is one of the top infected areas.

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