Miniature Drone Weaponry: A Fearsome Future?

This video display on Artificial Intelligence within Drones has to be seen to be …. PISSING FRIGHTENED. I sent it to a few grounded pals …. Note their reactions ……

David Blacker, Ex-SL Army infantryman: “I think so.”

Gerald Peiris in Kandy, Economic Geographer:

“Michael, I am certain that it is real, although the present display is intended to overawe us into silent submission. A self-destructing miniaturized drone could well have been used for targeting Wuhan thus ending, for all times, the neo-Yellow Peril. Something appears to have gone wrong with that strategy. It has triggered off an unanticipated boomerang impact. 

In the late 1940s several leading scientists including Oppenheimer (‘Father of the Atom Bomb’) suggested the possibility of nuclear explosions having such an uncontrollable global spread.

Anyway why do the main global powers produce and stockpile increasingly destructive nuclear, chemical and biological WMDs? For what purpose, and against whom are they to be used?

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