Kunanayakam hits the Mark. USA behind the Swiss-Hit

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Tamara K’s well-crafted article reveals a devious ruse of the US and so called HR entities – all western liberal backed.  While the West is busy telling us how dangerous China is, we are all distracted which allows the US and UN to quietly slip under the radar going about gathering intelligence on SL and interfering in Sri Lanka’s sovereignty which seems to count for nothing in the UN and US these days. Their ultimate goal is to drive Sri Lanka to the US side at the expense of China.
  Evans of ICG Hanspeter-mock

Gareth Evans says Sri Lanka, as with other countries recently decolonized, are “sensitive” about their sovereignty as if “sensitive” is a weakness, but the US and Australia exhibit a religious zeal for their own respective sovereignties that goes well beyond cute sensitivity.
A colonial mindset still bubbles in the minds of many western political figures – a fact many have difficulty raising to consciousness. In fact, since WW2, the West have never really managed to overcome it, most notably the US and Australia who persistently demonize Asian nations that refuse to yield to their notions of democracy which is tied to their values of advancing their own interests in international relations. Colonialism is reinvented in new fluid forms, deeply embedded in Western liberal democracies to the point of being a disease.
Trump is still trying to build his infamous wall which shows soverignty isn’t fluid in international relations when applied to liberal western societies. It is only being systematically applied to decolonized countries. Why them in particular?   The UN is in danger of embodying neo-colonial values, if it hasn’t already become a neo-colonial outfit and  Western backed NGOs have become the weapon of choice for hijacking Asian democracies.
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The author is responding here to Tamara Kunanayakam: “Swiss Power-Plays a Violation of Sovereignty,” 12 December 2019, 
This “Informed Western scholar” has 25 years experience in Asia
* Sarath Weerasekera’s TV Statement, Dec 10, 2019 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvvfNFr2zmo&feature=youtu.bein Sinhala


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