One Tiny Step towards Sanity and Reconciliation

Item in Sunday Times, 26 May 2019 ….

Remembering those who lost their lives in the Easter Sunday terror attacks, an Iftar ceremony was held yesterday at the Colombo Town Hall Lawn with the participation of those of all religions, civil society leaders and security forces personnel. Organised by the Sri Lanka Muslim Civil Society, the event began with the observance of silent prayers against the backdrop of Vesak decorations and coincided with the one month’s remembrance of the victims. Mayor Rosy Senanayake and the Service Chiefs also participated in the event. Pic by Amila Gamage


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2 responses to “One Tiny Step towards Sanity and Reconciliation

  1. An EMAIL NOTE from NATHAN SIVASAMBU in LONDON: “Glad seeing the non-communal gathering at the Town Hall
    which is a familiar and so welcome sight.

  2. Dickie Bird

    It does not have to be non-communal gathering at the Town Hall. Hiden agenda here is politics…politics and politics…………………..
    Whose money is it anyway?
    Rosy invited the Service Chiefs to hide behind the hidden agenda.
    Leave it to the Muslims to hold their own Iftars. Its personal.

    As for non-communal gatherings, they take place each and every day between the Sinhala & Muslims, the Muslims & Tamils, Tamils and Sinhalese sans any fanfare……….. Many unsung heroes among Sinhalese & Tamils who gave refuge to the Muslims owing to actions of hooligans.
    Also, first and foremost, the attacks on 21/April should have never taken place in Sri Lanka
    Recent events have been hijacked by politics.

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