Missing the Boat. How Religio-Political Divisions have Deepened

A Letter from Rohan De Soysa in Colombo to Michael Roberts in Adelaide, 9th May 2019

I’d like to suggest a different angle. We have a Minister for Buddhist religious affairs, another for Hindu religious affairs, yet another for Muslim religious affairs and still another for Christian religious affairs.  Then there are Governors for the various provinces: Eastern Province, Western Province, Northern Province, Southern Province etc.  They have been provided deputy ministers, offices, staff, bodyguards, cell phones and vehicles, etc.

Should they not monitor and observe any untoward teachings and undesirable tendencies in what comes under their purview, namely places of worship and education, catering to their specialized religions? Why did they not do so? Isn’t it about time they did?

Additionally, we have 225 MP’s in our land of about 65,600 sq. km. — on average one for every 291 sq.km. i.e. an area covered by 17 km x 17 km (e.g. from Colombo to Moratuwa on the South and Colombo to Biyagama on the East). Should not they. too, be aware of what the populace is doing and thinking? Not too late to start now! It is said that some of our ancient kings donned simple garb and mingled with the masses, to find out their views on life at first-hand, then modified their policies accordingly. Maybe that is too much to ask of our present lot!

Finally, a personal view on education. I believe that no one can be considered properly educated, however wonderful their paper qualifications, until they realise that the foundations of life are the same in all life-forms. To every being its life is as precious as yours is to you and mine is to me. Those who profess to believe (and loudly proclaim too!) that Jehovah, God, Allah or Ahura-Mazda created all life should not wantonly destroy it, other than in self-defence or for food, as is Nature’s way. To do so is surely an offence against Jehovah, Allah, God or Ahura-Mazda.

Regards, Rohan

VISIT https://hcef.org/790814456-a-statement-from-the-patriarchs-and-heads-of-church-in-jerusalem-on-the-terrorist-attacks-in-sri-lanka-on-easter-day-2019/

ALSO NOTE = https://www.catholicsun.org/2015/01/13/pope-to-sri-lankans-reconciliation-means-dialogue-pursuit-of-truth/


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  1. Michael Patrick O'Leary

    Good points fro Rohan.

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