Explosives! US Embassy Plot in Colombo sniffed out by Police Dogs?

Special Item Lanka Enews, 30 April 2019, entitled Police dogs render US diplomats speechless!” ….. https://lankanewsweb.net/news/special-news/42367-police-dogs-render-us-diplomats-speechless

In the wake of the recent suicide bombings at three luxury hotels on Easter Sunday, the management of Hilton Hotel Colombo had recently requested defense forces to inspect the hotel premises.

Search operation at Hilton Hotel

Defense forces, along with police dogs trained to detect explosives, had arrived at Hilton Hotel and inspected the hotel premises. However, neither explosives nor anything suspicious was not found. Subsequently, Hilton Hotel’s management had requested defense forces to carry out a similar search operation at Jaic Hilton Hotel.

Police dogs’ strange behavior at Jaic Hilton

During the search operation conducted by defense forces at Jaic Hilton, police dogs had stopped in front of one of the apartments, and had refused to proceed showing a strange behavior. Search teams had immediately informed the higher management of Jaic Hilton of this matter, and had said that they need to open the door of the room to enter it.

LOCATION = https://www.google.com/maps/place/Hilton+Colombo+Residences/@6.9218383,79.8547691,15z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x4b82b49f0e7dd0a4!2sHilton+Colombo+Residences!8m2!3d6.9207513!4d79.8560835!3m4!1s0x0:0x4b82b49f0e7dd0a4!8m2!3d6.9207513!4d79.8560835

Reluctant hotel management

After knowing the apartment number, the management of Jaic Hilton had given various inane answers and claimed that the apartment in question should not be checked. In response, defense forces had stated that even though the management doesn’t consider it serious, this is a serious matter pertaining to the national security, and therefore, they need it opened. The hotel management had then stated that it would take some time.

Explosive detectors

After around 30–45 minutes, two foreigners had arrived and opened the door. Subsequently, two police dogs had entered the room and had found two explosive detectors. When the two foreigners were questioned, they had stated that the devices were merely explosive detectors and that they are working at the US Embassy.

US diplomats’ arguments

When defense forces attempted to seize the devices they found, the two foreigners argued that the possession of these devices is not a problem, and that they kept those devices for their own safety.   In response, the officer who was in-charge of the police dogs had revealed something serious – according to him, police dogs were able to detect explosive detectors because the devices at some point had had contact with explosives. Otherwise, the police dogs would not be able to find these devices.

The self-proclaimed US Embassy officials had then started extolling the skills of police dogs used by Sri Lanka’s defense forces. However, eventually the search teams were not able to seize the explosive detectors, and the entire operation was terminated as high-ranking officials interfered.

Dogs did their job, humans did not!

It was reported that the US Embassy is attempting to hide this incident. But the staff of Jaic Hilton is expecting a reasonable explanation with regard to the incident. Police dogs did their job, but humans neglected their responsibilities. All defense forces are led by President Maithripala Sirisena, and there is a reasonable question as to why he does not have the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) conduct an investigation into this incident.


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  1. Winston De Zilva

    So called Diplomatic Immunity can be presumed

    • BE THAT AS IT MAY the blokes’ names could be released in the public interest [while they are allowed to slip out of the country] … Obut does thi mean that say Chinese diplomats in Canberra can demolish an Uighur community centre in Sydney and fly out of Australia when caught?

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