Muslim Jihadist Protest in London in March 2018 targets Buddhism and Sri Lankan Government

A friend in Sri Lanka who sent me this reference and I myself were misled in thinking this protest occurred this April 2019. But Arun Dias Bandaranaike directed me towards a reconsideration and I believe now that this was action that occurred after the anti Muslim riots and attacks carried out by Sinhalese after an incident at DIGANA in Sri Lanka in March 2018. Hence the targeting of Sinhala Buddhists and the Sri Lankan government intheir slogans and battle cries.

That said, note the (1) fervency of protest and the total commitment; (2) the outrageous exaggerations — such as “genocide.” In my reading this body of Muslims probably includes several who would be willing to take the jihadist path of suicidal attack in a cause deemed a  service to the Muslim people of this world.



  • Hands off Muslims

* Muslims  stand up …. Muslims speak up

* Muslim Nation is one Nation

* We see the true colours of Buddhism.

* Sri Lankan govt is the enemy of the Muslim Nation

* Stop the Genocide

  • …. we see the true colours of Buddh
  • *********

A NOTE from Jane Russell in London, 4 May 2019

Noted…again, this is how communalism is transmitted via fake rumour and hyped gossip. And now by using trick photos/videos…it is becoming more and more difficult to become a trustworthy historian when archives and evidence are so contaminated!,



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6 responses to “Muslim Jihadist Protest in London in March 2018 targets Buddhism and Sri Lankan Government

  1. This is how religious hatred and communalism is transmitted over time and space…hatred piled upon hatred: threat countered with ever severer threat. As Gandhi said an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

    The only consolation (!?) is that the planet is likely to spin out of ecological control before these supremacists get a chance to wreak their revenge upon the world….

  2. Dickie Bird

    ISIS owned up after (02) days. Why ?
    Who is ISIS & who created it?
    Why did the West come running to SL to act as good Samaritans?
    Was the West disturbed by this unknown movement to them?
    Was this action another move by a external local hand to takeover the Country financing & using an unknown terror group and also to create a backlash similar to 1983 to strengthen their hand ?
    By hook or by Crook either force Yahapalanaya to fulfil the their pledges or takeover the Country by other means through shortest period of time before the elections?
    Also have the Americans standby off the N/E Coast in case of an eventuality?
    Muslim Jihadists protest slogans are all too familiar that of the local external forces ?

    • This PROTEST maay have beenearlier ans some clever/slimy dick has inserted a new date or circulated it now –giving a false impressions. BUT even if it was after the ALUTHGAMAor DIGANA disturbances the language is EXTREME. the caliams arse HORRENDOUS and the FERVOUR revealing. …. so we can say that these are fervent Sri Lanakna jihadists of the sort who would try toseize the world by killing infidels.

    • There is pplenty of literature on ISIS. Use Google … Also lookat my comments and bibliographies on recent items. The main point is that ISIS is driven by an ideology called WHAHABI (also termed SALAFI). sO… GGOOGLE THOSE TERM AND THE NAMES

  3. Glen

    This is a historical video dated 5th April 2013

    What’s my worrying is that that day the same group were demonstrating outside the #Burmese embassy as well. It is Islamic state terrorist based in London 2013 and the demo was attended by jihadi sid who organised by demonstration.

    So no intelligence officers from Sri lanka or UK bothered to try and track any of these terrorist or links to Sri lanka they were also filmed saying they should give weapons to Sri lankan muslims for jihad on film.

    Outside #SriLankan high commission London says they were giving weapons to Sri lankan muslims?
    I see why its been mis labled by some.

    A complete failure of the Sri lankan intelligence services.

    Jihadi sid organised this demo the spokesman for shariah4hind

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