A Sri Lankan Patriot’s Clarion Call


Yet, the faint thump of a rhythm of a heartbeat

Screams “Rise up! There’s a lot to be done”.

And while that beat still beats in us

We will not give up the fight,

The fight that a thousand warriors fought

To quell darkness with peace and light.

This land is NEVER to be divided.

This land is NEVER to be burned.

This land is NEVER to be terrorized.

Let this be heard across the world.

For every attempt to tear us apart

Will be a waste, will be in vain,

‘Cause in this home that we call Sri Lanka

We are all one, and all the same.

Our churches have been ravaged,

Hundreds of innocents slain,

We weep as one community,

Our tears know no religion, only pain.

This pain will only fuel us

To unite as one strong voice,

The voice of a peace-loving nation

Drowning out the Extremists’ noise.

Watch how we all rally together,

Casting caste and creed aside,

This land of harmonious Humans

Will tame any threatening tide.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This VALE with futuristic hopes and demands is clearly a heartfelt response to the terror and tragedy inflicted on Sri Lanka. An university friend sent it to me and it is not clear to me whether the author is male or female. That matters not. Its goals and demands seem unrealistic: apart from the Sinhala-Tamil divide, we have a Sinhala-Muslim divide; and then there is the divide between the UNP camp and the Rajapaksa camp — with personnel on both sides inclined towards visceral positions towards each other [as Bill Deutrom observed during his recent sojourn in the island).

Such ‘clinical’ assessments notwithstanding, the depth of sentiment is commendable and evokes motifs which we would want all Sri Lankans to take to heart.


MOREOVER LISTEN TO KUMAR SANGAKKARA’S CLARION CALL  …………..  ………………………………………………………………. https://www.facebook.com/Official.Kumar.Sangakkara/videos/10156315062490962/?v=10156315062490962


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