Retd Brigadier Halangode highlights Alan Keenan’s Misrepresentation

A NOTE from Retd Brigadier Hiran N. Halangode (of Gemunu Watch)

Michael   [Alan Keenan’s recent press release] is a typical tale of the sort of stories peddled in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. The socio-economic conditions prevailing in the neighbouring districts of Uva and the North Central Provinces are very similar.  These INGOs spread unfavourable messages about the country when the government is bending backwards to Reconcile. It is the Tamil politicians and INGOs that spread distorted versions of the state of the country in those regions without doing any productive work themselves. I have attached a website reference to show you what the Army is doing in the North to bring about  resettlement, rehabilitation and reconciliation.

Where is the Tamil Diaspora in this effort for the past 10 years!!!

Please tell the truth to the world we have suffered for over 30 years due to death, destruction, terror and conflict brought about by Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka. Where were the Keenan’s and his ilk then, probably enjoying the good life in the UK, now belittling the efforts of a country striving to maintain peace and harmony.

I am sad the government doesn’t give publicity to the truth — thereby allowing the Keenan’s and their ilk to spread discord, disunity and polarisation of the communities in the country to the rest of the world. Sadly he too has visited the military in the North and met the Army officials on the 03rd of April 2019 as shown below.

Best regards, Hiran


Officials of International Crisis Group Visit Security Force Headquarters – Jaffna … [2019-04-03: 22:08:32]
The Project Director and Senior Analyst of the International Crisis Group based in Sri Lanka, Mr. Alan Keenan paid a visit to Security Force Headquarters – Jaffna on 03 April 2019.  Mr. Alan Keenan, who is also a citizen of United Kingdom, discussed the matters pertaining to the Civil-Military Coordination and Reconciliation Process within the Jaffna Peninsula. The General Officer Commanding 51 Division, Major General Roshan Seneviratne provided a comprehensive briefing on the present state of the social welfare and development projects carried out by the Sri Lanka Army in Northern Province.

The Senior Officers at the Security Force Headquarters took part in the official meeting.


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