UNHRC in Geneva: Its Partisanship revealed in Summary Statement from Lord Naseby

Lord Naseby PC, President of the All Party British Sri Lanka Parliamentary Group in the UK Parliament, has issued a statement on Sri Lanka with reference to the recently concluded 40th Sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva  = 27 March 2019 …. http://www.ft.lk/news/Lord-Naseby-has-his-say-on-UNHRC-sessions-on-Sri-Lanka/56-675414

‘I have carefully observed every stage of this year’s meeting of the UNHCR. Before I make any other comment, I wish to congratulate Mr Tilak Marapana MP, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka and Leader of the delegation on Sri Lanka’s statement. I have read meticulously all pages of the full statement. It is balanced, authoritative, measured, challenging and utterly professional – backed up by irrefutable facts and figures.

I was particularly proud that the Foreign Minister decided to include as one of three important annexes the ‘House of Lords debate’ I initiated and led in The House of Lords on 12 October 2017. I now feel totally vindicated about persevering for over 2 years to extract under a ‘Freedom of Information’ Inquiry the despatches of Lt Colonel Gash, the UK’s Military attaché in Colombo who saw the war at first hand. It is these despatches that prove beyond any doubt that there never was a policy to kill Tamil civilians and that the Civilian Casualties were only around 5,500 at most.

I just highlight 3 important issues:

From the UN the Report 40/L.1, the consensus Resolution on Sri Lanka that was adopted by the UN Human Rights Council without a vote:

1. On page 2, I quote, ‘Noting with appreciation the return of some private land’. The Foreign Minister stated in his report that it was 92.16% – hardly ‘some’ – realistically ‘most’.

2. From the same Resolution document on page 3 reference is made to a Truth & Reconciliation Commission: surely The UN for its part will have to put forward proposals of how to get persons like Mrs Adele Balasingham and other senior LTTE officers settled in UK, Canada, USA or elsewhere to fully co-operate if a Truth & Reconciliation mechanism is to happen.

3. Finally, from the Sri Lanka Foreign Minister’s statement reference is made to ‘the considerable unevenness in the standards of proof applied to the Government of Sri Lanka, compared to those applied to the unsubstantiated allegations made by Sri Lanka’s detractors’. How right he was to raise this issue. It really is high time that the claim of 40,000 civilians killed was expunged from the records.

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  1. Bishop Kenneth Fernando

    Michael Thank you for your excellent research.
    I suggest yo put out a full document on the issues under discussion.

    +Kenneth Fernando

  2. Dickie Bird

    It really is high time that the claim of 40,000 civilians killed was expunged from the records.”- Lord Naseby
    Thank U Lord Naseby for all the things you’ve said and done and to Mr. Tilak Marapone for the courageous and a defiant speech he made at the UNHRC to send shivers down Michelle Bachelet’s spine.
    Now it time to EXPUNGE Darusmann, Vavi Pillai, Sooka, all those eminent Intl. Law professors hired by the TGTE R’Kumaran against SL…
    Then Surendiran’s and the ilk, solheiman’s & the ilk & the likes.
    Big mouthed Abrahams & the TNA ilk.
    Then that terrorists roman catholic clergy Emmanuel & the cassoack wearing lot who brought disgrace to the religion and their Master Jesus Christ.
    What must the Catholics do ? Hang these Clergy on Palmyrah Trees.
    Forget the SWinhalese & Muslims, what about those genuine & innocent Ranjini Tiranagama and the scores of other Intellectual tamils slain invain.
    Last but not least the innocent misled Youth & Children of the North who were aspiring to be future Professionals and Intellectuals who died invain deceived by the LTTE and financed by the Diaspora.
    Can we give life to them to console their parents who are yet being deceived and used by the TNA & the Diaspora.
    When will they ever learn ? Untill the hand of god touches them?

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