A Fitting Farewell to Dishan Shiyam Careem in Galle Fort

Dishan Shiyam Careem

To all his friends & family, …..After surviving two heart attacks in 2017 Shiyam always the inspiration and pioneer during a terrible thirty year civil war passed away last week with a third heart attack at 5.25 am. Leaving two sons Amzar and Samad who will have much to face over the coming months. I have attached a picture of his funeral that brought the whole city of Galle Fort out onto the streets to pray for him and say their farewells. He was laid to rest in the UNESCO listed Galle Fort Meeran Mosque, where he can watch the boats crossing the silk route of the sea for all eternity and be at one with the ancient city he loved and never wanted to leave. On friday night, the 22nd March there will be a party celebrating his life at the warehouse in the old city – The Last Tango In Galle Fort. If you are in Sri Lanka please do go and have one last dance to say goodbye and if you are not please do stay in touch as his sons will need all of you to be around. I apologise for doing this in blocks as there are still so many people still to tell.

Best wishes always, Juliet Coombe


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