Tamils pay Homage to Dead Tigers on 27th November: Channel 4 You Tube on Deep Scars of the Wars

Jonathan Miller of Channel 4 reporting from Sri Lanka, 27 November 20 — with title  Tamils hold provocative remembrance services for fallen Tiger fighters”


Amid continuing political turmoil in Sri Lanka, the Tamils in the north of the country have tonight held ceremonies commemorating fallen fighters of the Tamil Tiger insurgent army which was summarily defeated nine years ago. The remembrance events are highly controversial, particularly among ethnic Sinhalese nationalists.

Despite international outrage over alleged atrocities committed by Sri Lankan armed forces, there has been little progress towards accountability. We report from the former Tamil Tiger capital, Killinochi. A warning: the report contains images that some viewers might find distressing.

 This snap is from 27 November 2015


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One response to “Tamils pay Homage to Dead Tigers on 27th November: Channel 4 You Tube on Deep Scars of the Wars

  1. Dickie Bird

    C4 Sensationalising the remembrance of robbed of lives of Tamil Youth & Children for an ulterior motive. Most of the dead were forcibly recruited & kidnapped children from their homes turned them into suicide bombers and cannon fodder,forced to fight an unwinnable war while Pirabaharan who according to New John the Baptist Catholic Priest S.J.Emmanuel was like JESUS CHRIST, LTTE were Soldiers of Christ, suicide bombers were catholic Martyrs (What perversion must a mind have to equate VP to Jesus Christ, yet more horrendous was the stony silence of Church including the Vatican – Was1 John 2:18 enacted) while VP living in clover with his offspring. Ordering countless number of civilian massacres including novice Buddhist monks; destroyed countless places of worship both Buddhist & Muslim but not Catholic or Christian Churches or Clergy.
    Commanded political assassinations, wiped out the entire democratic Tamil political leadership, operated torture chambers & dungeons; had busses & trains full of commuters blown up; remained in Interpol Red list until his death & his outfit still banned in many countries including India & the UK.
    Mothers, Fathers, Wives, Brothers & Children of the dead grieve for the lives that were robbed by the LTTE and those Vellalar Diaspora who funded the LTTE.
    Jonathan Miller & C4 have come looking for carcasses like Vultures to cash in on it with a hidden agenda ?
    Provocative or Not, Miller & C4 will have to repent and say “Mea Culpa” thrice before an Angel of Light stride on them.
    Retribution does not lie far for persons cashing on hidden agendas.

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