For Humanity: Sister Aroha, A Kiwi Mother Theresa with a Sri Lankan Twang

Woman leaves New Zealand to become a nun … Philomene Hogan aka Sister Aroha

A NOTE from Myrna Setunga of Battaramulla:Michael, I have been several times to this Home in Moratuwa as well as the Home for elders in Modara. ….. . I have been twice to the Home in Calcutta and the Home in Varanasi. These nuns are the best human beings I have met

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  •  …. A NOTE from MAIA, Monday, April 3, 2017Sister Aroha!Sister Aroha is an Srilankan Nun. She works at an orphanage where she looks after children that have been given up/ abandoned by their parents. Sister Aroha has been influenced to become a nun by Mother Teresa who she looks up to greatly. She has devoted her life to helping the poor and looking after her children.Her full name is Philomena Hoban and she used to live in Canterbury. She has been a nun for over 3 decades and she is carrying on the late work of Mother Teresa. Sister Aroha does not plan on stopping her work until she dies.The orphanage get its money from donations they do not work for money. They rely on donations and goodwill to pay for things like Food,and clothes and bedding for the children.

    Sister Aroha has given up all of her possessions like technology,nice clothes,newspapers,magazines and her life. Sister Aroha is 100% devoted to looking after everyone. When the children are older Sister Aroha tries to find their parents or tries to get them adopted.

    She is only allowed to see her family once every 10 years! She works 16 hours a day. She says she did not think about what she was giving up but she knew she had to do it. Her niece Kate was the only person in her family who came to visit her in Sri Lanka.

  • I don’t think I could ever do what she does because I am not that patient,I would miss all of my possessions and my home. I would miss all of the nice food,clothes,family and my friends. I would not get to live the way I want. It would have to be choice that I make and I don’t think I would have enough heart and spirit to do what she does. It would be to hard for me to leave my old life to start a new! Sister Aroha changes people’s lives…………….Posted by Maia at 2:23 PMEmail ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook
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16 responses to “For Humanity: Sister Aroha, A Kiwi Mother Theresa with a Sri Lankan Twang

    “They are indeed God’s dedicated lot”

  2. Chinnamma Thudinal

    I see Sr.Aroha is a fantastic person would you please end me her address ad email I’d. If possible thank you my email I’d is Methratta Thankful Chinnamma from Boston USA

    • I just saw your video and I think you for giving your life to God and helping others that is so great of you .You are so blessed and I’m sure God is so thankful for you because I am

  3. N L

    Does anyone know her address? I’d like to make a small donation. Pls email me at nalewis at TY.

  4. Rick

    One word to say to you thank you .

  5. Santa Pentecost

    Thank you, so out of this world!

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  7. Damayanthi Nicholas Lee

    Touched by this sister Aroha and her work in Sri Lanka,
    Would like to contact her and visit her home and support and donate.

    Please send the contact details.
    God Bless
    Damayanthi Lee

  8. Jenard stephen

    Thank u for Sr. Aroha and all nuns for God service. God bless u all. I appreciate your service. If u don’t mind may I know ur address pls. Thank u.


    Sister Aroha, you are a very, very special nun doing the Lord’s work. I will be praying for you and all the abandoned children that you are taking care of. I would like to make a donation where you are assigned. Where should I send this donation so that you will receive it. My heart goes out to you and all the abandoned children. May God bless you and all the children.

  10. Sandeep

    I read about sister she is like mother teresa only I have visited two time to srilanka but I don’t know about her but I visted to mother house last year if I vist srilanka I I will take mother blessing THANKS mother sandeep oza

  11. Dawn Fernando

    I saw the video of Sister Aroha. I am from Melbourne Australia and would like to send a donation. Can you please send me her email address

    • ANSWER SENT BY Email …. SISTER AROHA is now in Kandy –only method of contact is by phone …thanks to MYRNA SETUNGA

    • VAN ARKADIE, Alex.

      For some years I was volunteer-English-tutor to few of these young Novice Sisters in Rome at the very Convent in Circo Massimo. St. Mother Teresa used to lodge and lead her Team of Sisters, in serving the abandoned, needy and poorest asylum seekers who not only sought night-shelter but also a steamy-hot plate of pasta & sugo from around the Eternal City of Rome. I was deeply touched by the unrestrained commitment and missionary zeal of these humble Sisters. /alex

  12. Judy J

    Deeply touched by the gracious work done by Sister Aroha and her team. May God bless you all. I will definitely visit this orphanage when I visit SL next.

  13. Mo Marikar

    I am a Muslim and am humbled by the care of orphans in the country of my birth which shows Christianity at its best

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