Australia Advances: An Appropriate National Anthem

Australians all, let us rejoice

For we indeed are free,

To vote for leaders of our choice

In this democracy;

And now to greater heights we soar,

For we’re Australians fair,

We’ve built this great revolving door

The leadership to share.

We care, we share with all out there,

Advance Australia fair!


We Aussies lead the world today

In this great sport of “Swap!”

The three-year term we’ll peel away,

That rot has got to stop.

A year or so must see them go,

To give the rest a chance,

Our talent pool we can’t ignore,

They’re desperate to advance.

No worries, be they friend or foe,

They’re desperate to advance!


If you would be the Head of State,

From battle do not shrink;

Remember mate,  your use-by-date

Is closer than you think.

We sons of Brutus gather round

With daggers in the air,

No Caesar shall our plans confound

To save Australia fair.

How sweet the sound of change profound,

Let’s dance, Australia fair!

 …. an original composition from Nirmala Labrooy of Adelaide


Australian Wallabies  belt out Advance Australia Fair … Getty Images

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