Lakemba Sydney is “No-Go” Area for White Aussies

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DESULTORY THOUGHTS for that young lady

* In several Buddhist countries both locals and foreigners are expected to take off their shoes and slippers before entering sacred Buddhist precincts.

* Likewise all worshippers within a precinct are not expected to sit on the floor with feet pointed towards the bhikkhus .. they have to be tucked in or behind

* In certain Catholic precincts women are not expected to wear extra-short shorts … so too men


This Canadian woman came to Oz merely to draw attention to herself. She set out to be deliberately provocative and the police officer, very rightly warned her against using her “free speech” rights to incite unrest.

Besides the mosque there is a Christian (Uniting) Church on the main street. Another Christian Church just off the main street along the Lakemba Street and a Catholic Church also on Lakemba Street.



B = Emma Reynolds:Ugly reality of vibrant neighbourhood: Inside Australia’s most Muslim suburb,” 16 December 2017,


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  2. Zack Vuckovic

    I attended a Catholic Church service, and their was a young couple seated in front of me, he was wearing shorts and a t shirt and his partner wore a skimpy short skirt and a tight fitting top and nobody asked them to leave.

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