TIGERS AT THE GATE from ABC: Mark Corcoran reads Prabhakaran in Mid-1999

After seeing the ABC production in the FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT SERIES entitled Tigers at the Gate” in mid-1999 I had the temerity to criticize the ABC and its producer Mark Corcoran. I should have attended to the blurb which presented this documentary on the ABC web site. This note ran: “The truth is a political solution is as impossible as a military breakthrough because for the (Tamil) Tigers its all or nothing– a homeland or glorious death.” (signed Mark Corcoran).

This was profound insight. Corcoran had hit the nail on the head. One month later Neelan Tiruchlevam was assassinated because his active cooperation with President Chandrika Kumaratunga was  a major threat to the Talaivar Pirapahran’s single-minded determination. That kill paved the way towards transforming the TULF leadership into the pliant TNA …. and precluded the Tamil political  rallies known as Pongu Thamil in 2002 which had some resemblances to the Nazi rallies of yesteryear.

Copyright laws and the capitalist philosophy grounding them prevent me from presenting this video in public. It does not seem readily accessible via the ABC either. What a pity.


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