Ganeshan Iyer’s Book on LTTE launched in Toronto: Pics

Courtesy of a Tamil Friend…. Also see The book was launched on the 25 th of February 2012 at the Scarborough Civic Centre, Toronto. It was organised by the Tamil Resource Centre (Thedaham). Amomg the audience were two former parliamentarians, M.K.Elaventhan (TNA) and Kanapathipillai Thillainathan(EROS) as well as the LTTE’s former Swiss strongman Nadarajah Muralitharan.



The titles of the books on display are as follows:

1. My Notes on Eelam Struggle: Forming Tamil Tigers with Prabhakaran by Ganeshan Iyer.

2. Viewham — A Tamil Journal published by the Tamil Resource Centre.

The people who attended received this notice.



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7 responses to “Ganeshan Iyer’s Book on LTTE launched in Toronto: Pics

  1. JK

    Viewham – A Tamil Journal NOT published by the Tamil Resource Centre.
    It is published by “May 18th movement”

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  4. Suraj B

    How can I buy this book in India? Is it sold online?

  5. Suraj B

    How can I get this book online?

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