FOR LANKA. Rohan Pallewatta’s Expansive Political-Economic Ambitions

Guided and prompted by Fritz Fernandez of Sri Lanka, I advocate this: LISTEN CAREFULLY to this long exchange of views between ROHAN PALLEWATTA and ERNEST KITHSIRI …. Intelligent Questions and Thoughtful Answers …… Pallewatta should contest the next Presidency! Seriously.


Marwaan Macan Markar: “Sri Lankan auto-parts maker rides global demand wave,” Nikkei Asian Wave, 1 December  2016, file:///C:/Users/MRoberts/Downloads/Lanka%20Harness%20%20Nikkei%20Asia%20Review%20%201%20December%202016.pdf


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3 responses to “FOR LANKA. Rohan Pallewatta’s Expansive Political-Economic Ambitions

  1. Romesh

    I heard a lot about him. He seems to be very helpful humble and talented person. I wish him the success. Anyone can read more about him on the channels below. Pallewatta

  2. Sameera

    I think Mr. Rohan is a good person and will be able to run Sri Lanka. My opinion is that Sri Lanka should expand their banking sector in other countries. That means, Sri Lanka has to open new branches in other countries and make some profit. So, to do this the future government should support it. Further, make new banking laws and regulations. Then, Sri Lanka can attract international depositors and investors.

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