Lanka’s External Debt: 2010 and 2016 in Comparison …. There is no Chinese Gonibilla Monster

Nishan de Mel of VERITE RESEARCH

“There is a tendency for discussion on Sri Lanka’s economy to overstate its dependence on China. It is important to take a look at the numbers. In 2010 China’s part of Sri Lanka’s loan portfolio was 3%. By 2016 it had grown to 9%, with the 6% growth coming from the Chines EXIM Bank. This is less than the loan portfolio held by other bilaterals and multilaterals such as Japan and ADB. The largest growth during this period was in the loan portfolio held by international financial markets. In 2010 it was 30% and by 2016 it had increased to 44% of the loan portfolio.”

SO: one has to ponder this question — which elements and which media outlets have promoted and massaged the fears of China? and towards what goals? Editor, Thuppahi

MOREOVER: addressing those who harp on “China’s One Belt, One Road” programme and its engagement in ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka etc,  I raise several issues

A = Look at USA’s base in Diego Garcia and evaluate the military arsenal it packs in the western half of the Indian Ocean (in association with Saudi Arabia et el). 

B = Add the forces –maritime and aerial — available to India and Singapore [yes Singapore

C = Check out the Malacca Straits and consider HOW China cannot conceivably enter the Indian Ocean with warships in any act of “gunboat diplomacy” ( a concept developed under British imperialism in its Far Eastern excursions).

D =  …. and perhaps even compare the military arsenals in the Pacific Ocean today TODAY available to China in comparison with the stock marshalled by the USA-Japan-Australia combination. While I do not have any figures, I am confident the comparison will be an eye-opener to those who peddle the Chinese dragon.

I am relying on my common sense.


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