Media Faux Pas about Celebrity Mallika

DAWN Desk Report, 11 January 2018

Just how much can the media get wrong about the life of a celeb? According to Mallika Sherawat, just about everything. Yesterday, AFP reported that Mallika and her French husband Cyrille Auxenfans are being evicted from their apartment in a posh neighbourhood of Paris after having failed to pay its rent and other expenses, which now amount to a whopping 78,787 euros.

However, while speaking to NDTV in India late last night, Mallika maintained that she neither rents an apartment in Paris nor is Auxenfans her husband!

“I have never had any financial dealings in Paris ever. I have no bank account in Paris. I have an Indian passport and I am an Indian citizen. So what is this nonsense about eviction?” she told IANS. “I am staying in Mumbai. In fact, I recently shot for an episode of Entertainment Ki Raat (a reality television show), which was telecast last week. I haven’t been to Paris in the last eight months. Anyone following me on my social media would have known this. Even my passport would say the same,” Mallika added.

Mallika had earlier refuted the eviction news on Twitter, saying that she lived in Los Angeles, not Paris.

About Auxenfans, she clarified, “I am not married to Cyrille Auxenfans. I have cleared the air on this earlier as well. He is a big businessman in Europe and I have nothing to do with his real estate business dealings. Why should my name be dragged with what’s happening in Paris?”

Last year, it was reported that Mallika and Auxenfans were tear gassed and beaten up by three masked men in the same apartment. Addressing this, Mallika said: “I was visiting Paris on a holiday at the time the unfortunate incident happened.”

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