A Visitor from Deep Sea via Outer Space

 A bull shark visits Queensland 

From Daily news 31 March 2017

A shark found in the middle of the road stunned residents of a small Australian town following a deadly storm. The bull shark washed up on a flooded road near the town of Ayr, Queensland, after tropical cyclone Debbie battered northeast Australia.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) shared photos of the shark on social media, warning members of the public to stay out of flood water near the Burdekin River.“Think it’s safe to go back in the water? Think again!” QFES posted. “You never know what lurks beneath the surface during a severe storm and what will wash up in the aftermath. Just ask emergency services who came across this bull during inspections around Ayr, where floodwaters are receding in some parts

Some residents in the town took teeth from the shark as a souvenir. WIN News journalist Philip Calder, who was covering the flooding, tweeted: “The only victim of Burdekin flooding…a bull shark.”“There was only moderate flooding, peaked at nine metres in Burdekin River about an hour before we took the photo,” he told the Brisbane Times. “The poor guy had obviously been trying to escape the torrent or something like that and had beached himself on the road. He was looking pretty clean and wasn’t decomposing, so [it] wasn’t there long. There were a couple of locals who came over with a knife and souvenired a tooth from it.”

He added: “We were pretty amazed, we were turning up to shoot a flooding road, we weren’t expecting to see wildlife as well.”

Torrential rain hampered relief efforts after the powerful cyclone wreaked havoc, with floods sparking emergency rescues as fed-up tourists were evacuated from resort islands off Queensland.

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