Victor Melder’s “Randolph” Problems. A Split Personality

Victor Melder of Rhythm of the Wheels 

I have had several messages from my cyber world contacts asking why the name change from Victor to Randolph Melder. Whilst some believed it was a SCAM, others thought I was having a mid-life identification crisis, yet others wanted to know the new email address!! At birth I was named Randolph Johnny Victor Melder, and from day one used Victor as my first name, so as to distinguish me from my father – Randolph Joseph Churchill Melder, as he used his first name Randolph (Rando) for identification.

aa victorImagine the confusion, as all official documents carry my official name – Bank, Medicare, GP Services Driver’s Licence etc, to have them call out Randolph (in the words of a friend with the same problem), I am tempted to scream, Randolph Melder died in 1989.      Some weeks ago, I had a software glitch, with the problem being reported to my server – Telstra, Bigpond. It took them much more than the usual 5-working days to solve it (to their satisfaction and not mine). The Telstra call centre in the Philippines uninstalled the program and in re-installing it, used Randolph as the first name. I am now resigned to using it, rather than go over the procedure all over again, if it confuses you, whatabout me !!!!

The email address remains the same – < >

Blessings, ……………….Victor or am I Randolph

PS: Long may Randolph the Victor thrive!!!

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