Reconciliation through Art at Lionel Wendt NOW

CAMP or Contemporary Artists Meeting Point …..  Lionel Wendt Gallery 24-31st July

Moving and transcendental. Please do go. CAMP(Contemporary Artists Meeting Point) has been organized by Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts & the Neelan Thiruchelvam Trust 24th -31st July the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery.( three days more) –

LIONELWENDT GALLERYIt is the outcome of three residential workshops held in Batticoloa, (3 days) Jaffna (3 days) and Colombo (24 days). Part of an effort to use art to ‘heal broken hearts in the North and East and to generate a discussion on how to enhance the space to broaden citizens’ rights provided by a terrible war that lasted 30 years”. A must see. There are some amazingly expressive works and in their diversity of approach there is much to think about. It gets under the skin and lingers like a conscience…/exhibitions/652-c-a-m-p


A Recommendation from Arun Dias Bandaranaike: “The website ref is incidental, and does not share what the impact is with the exhibition at the Wendt memorial gallery. Last day is Sunday. Please don’t miss. Much to absorb and ‘comprehend’. The narrative of one of the artists, borne out by the southern artists who went to Nandikal with him when on the art project, is oh so different from all the commentator views we’ve read and known by ‘journalists’ and govt personnel!! That’s artist Maryathevadas Vijitharan. …………….If people don’t ‘get it’ from this exhibition, then no chance they will from prose.


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