Reforming Islamic Doctrines: Radical Action Needed

Ibn Wirriq

Until most Western leaders and all Islamic leaders realize that the short term solutions against radical Islam to destroy ISIL, are just that. they will not be pursuing any real long term permanent solutions. Thus the lethal violence will continue from Islamic radicals and their tacit supporters in so many nations. Is this aspect of lethal violence just part of Islam’s general drive to subjugate the whole World to Islamic domination, in association with the imposition of sharia law and halal certification of everything that is eaten? These answers must be well considered and resolved. the classic beauty of the Tajmahal [pic by foundtheworld.combeside the murderous inspirations driving the jihadistsZEALOTRY ISIS advance - lake house

Surely it’s time that the United Nations Organization began to fulfil the role for which it was originally intended, i. e. to maintain and enforce peace among all nations. To do that it must of course recognize that a very real threat to all Humanity now does exist from radical Islamic terrorism, which could over time, impose intolerant and lethally violent regimes in the name of Islam in many parts of the world,.

That threat does come from what is a “leaderless ideological entity” known as Islam which also does have a religious component attached to it, but which utilizes this component as a shield to deflect valid criticism of its lethal directives, supposedly given by its god, Allah, to all Muslims to follow explicitly. Most Ayatollahs, mullahs, muftis, or imams would NOT want this of course as they would see their status and influence threatened, but they must realize that change is inevitable and urgent if peace from Islamic violence is to be achieved in this our world.

Which group within the UNO could act positively to negate radical Islam? Currently, certainly not the Organization of Islamic Co-operation at present. But that grouping is the very one that the Security Council of the UNO must confront to accept leadership of all Islam and demand a change within Islam to eliminate all supremicist, discriminatory, violent and lethal activities from all Islamic teachings and indoctrination. Without that leadership action, Islam as a leaderless entity will continue to function as a hydra, which, no matter what is done to counter it, another violent group will emerge somewhere to attempt to assert Islamic domination and the imposition of sharia law on many if not all nations of the World.

No doubt the OIC will initially attempt to resist such enforcement for change from the UNO. But the world is now in a crisis situation it has never been faced before even from Nazism or Communism or on such a scale. The UNO’s Security Council would be the only one with enough diplomatic and economic leverage to convince most, if not all UNO’s members to act positively to achieve such humanitarian changes for the benefit of all 1.6 billion Muslims and the other 7.4 billion peoples of the world. The World cannot continue to suffer Islamic terrorism indefinitely.

The inroads already made by over 50 million Muslims into all Western nations have already achieved a penetration that no Islamic armies could have ever achieved over many centuries of warfare with the West.  Leadership from the BIg Five plus Germany and Japan and other members, now to make such a move to confront the members of the OIC is essential if the forces of radical Islam are to be either neutralized or totally destroyed.

Such a move from the UN may seem extreme. However, the stark fact is that the continuing impact of all those lethal verses from the Koran and Hadith

in indoctrinating Islamic youth and converts is a cause for anxiety. As long as they remain unchallenged, the lethal violence will always continue. But with positive changes within Islam and a brave and sound leadership entity in place, all Muslims should have the confidence and authority to speak out and act against any remnants within Islam that won’t accept such humanitarian changes to its doctrines and dogmas and lethal directives.

Within all of that there must also be a resolution of the lethal divide between Sunni and Shi’a Muslims. That in itself is a major problem withion Islam and one that can only be solved by leadership from within both sects. The longer the World has to wait for positive actions, the more chances radical Islam will have to achieve its ultimate aims to destroy Western civilization as we know it and impose the caliphates and sharia law everywhere.

What the World needs now is one or more leaders to be prepared to be bold enough to recommend and the initiation of action by the UNO Security Council for intervention on Islamic terrorism as a long term initiative for the sake of peace in the World. If Australia could contribute to such an action and leadership move, would Malcolm Turnbull. Tony Abbott or New Zealand’s former PM, Helen Clark, be prepared to initiate it for the UNO? If we have no political leaders brave enough to act, maybe Egyptian President al Sissi would undertake it?

ADDENDUM from Ibn Wirriq, 23 July 2016: With Islamic terrorism and lone-wolf attacks now being perpetrated around the World at unprecedented levels, 28855 plus attacks since 9/11, and over 100 men in US jails with the name of Muhammed convicted of terrorism offences, it’s rather hard to imagine why Khaled Elomar or his wife Oula and others, would wonder why Muslims in general are viewed with fear and suspicion. [The Australian on Q & A 22/7]

So why do these two and very many others go out of their way to be seen and identified as Islamic? Is it an act of defiance with an “up you” attitude for better effect? Yet in Turkey until the recent Erdogan era, most people, both male and female, were seen without such stark identification and even recent photos of Mr Edogan’s cabinet do not show many, if any, bearded members.

When Islamic Koranic ideology says nothing specific to that strict effect for either males of females, why then, in Western societies, don’t they show more respect for their host nations’ cultural norms and dress similarly? That way they would not force their immediate religio/ideological identification on all others. Again, it’s rather obvious that to enforce an attitude of separation on and within the host society, “being seen as such”, is part of a deliberate policy. Even at most schools now, so many young Islamic girls are seen via such identification. It’s certainly not a matter of choice for these kids.

It seems that Western nations all have a fear of Islam while many within Islamic societies have a hatred of Westerners and all that Western civilization stands for. Mr Elomar’s Facebook page certainly reflects his real deep-seated attitudes towards us. Positive changes to all this are sorely needed.



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    Shock. But it all makes sence now. Read who they really been PRAYING to all this time

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