Extra! Extra! Search for Lasantha’s Killers …. and … Oil off East Coast

Courtesy of NewsFirst = Sketches of suspects in connection to Lasantha Wickremetunga killing released

  Feb 17, 2016

Sketches of suspects in connection to Lasantha Wickremetunga killing released

Sketches of suspects in connection to the murder of Lasantha Wickremetunga have been released by the police. The first suspect is said to be a fair-skinned individual, around 35 years old, five feet and eight inches tall, with brown eyes.The second suspect is said to be around forty years of age, five feet and ten inches tall  – a dark-skinned individual with a stout body

Police request members of  the public,  with any accurate information on these two persons, to contact the police on the following phone numbers: 0718 – 591 – 753; 0718 – 591 – 770; 0773 – 291 – 500

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Melanie Santiago: Sri Lanka opens gates for oil exploration”, Feb 18, 2016 …. http://newsfirst.lk/english/2016/02/sri-lanka-opens-gates-for-oil-exploration/128811

Sri Lanka opened its gates for oil exploration in its seas as the government on Thursday,  February 18, inked an agreement with one of the leading oil majors in the world. French oil major ‘Total’ today inked a deal with Sri Lanka to explore two ultra deep water blocks under a joint study off the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The French Ambassador to Sri Lanka was among those present for the event. Accordingly, Sri Lanka will get a ground rental of one US dollar per square kilometre for the entire acreage of the joint study area. The Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development says that the rent would amount to around Rs.07 million per year.

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