Heightened Sinhala Patriotism assumes Dangerous Chauvinist Hues

Michael Roberts

These images landed on my computer desk and should be studied and reflected upon in conjunction with the bibliographical items that I will insert in between the pictorial displays — every one of them revealing the heightened agitation among Sinhalese intellectuals at home and abroad. These outpourings indicate several strands of  chauvinist Sinhala nationalism that are extremist in various degrees. Such extremism feeds off the Tamil extremism in display among diaspora Tamils as well as some elements in Sri Lanka. The pressures that have been heaped on Sri Lanka by USA and its handmaidens in the UN secretariat have also been a major force in generating these trends. In brief, this is just what the Global Tamil Forum and the deified ghost of talaivar Prabhakaran want.




A NEW WEBSITE GOING ONLINE NOW = http://mawbimasurakimu.org/

Due to the extremely critical time fast approaching in our contemporary history, a website is being launched today to remind all communities to pressurize those scoundrels who have taken refuge in the portals of parliament not to carry on with games that are being played by some of them against our beloved Motherland, and to stop this charade before they themselves to start to feel the advancing heat. Already a steady scenario is developing where posters and car stickers bearing the words SINHALE have started to appear without any fear.

The traitors along with a number of pro-western media, enjoying the freedom of the wild ass, are hurriedly accusing the Sinhales of being racially motivated. You are warned not to be fooled. In order to justify their evil intentions of selling our sovereignty, dividing our nation on ethnic lines, freeing the terrorist murderers and making strident efforts to comply with the LTTE Diaspora’s revenge and the West’s geopolitical evil intentions they are openly salivating to their Western masters’ evil agendas.  If standing up to your motherland is racist, then however a lie it be patriots won’t feel unjustified to be called thus These are the yakoes that call themselves Sinhalese. Unfortunately the Motherland is unaware of the mutations that have occurred recently but one cannot fool everybody all the time. Genuine patriots will be protected by the power of the Triple Gem as happened in 1971, 1989 and 2009.

Just to remind you that being nonchalant may be relevant to Pastor Martin Niemöller ‘s poem: “when they came for the patriots I did not speak as I was not a patriot, But when they came for me, there was no patriot left to speak for me,”

It does not matter as to what race, creed, color or religion you belong to—it is your bounden duty to protect our Motherland with all the sinews in your body,

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NOTE II = the National Flag has been striped of the coloured stripes denoting and embodying the Tamil and Muslim people as an integral part of the Sri Lankan (Ceylonese) nation and society since 1948. The import here is that ‘Sri Lankan” means “Sinhalese” so that the major part is made cognate with, and equivalent with, the whole. This is not reconciliation or conciliation, but a form of symbolic domination. In this regard consider– critically of course — this essay: Michael Roberts “Ideological Cancers within the Sinhala Universe,” 13 May 2014, https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/ideological-cancers-within-the-sinhala-universe/ … also presented as “Roadblocks in the Path of Reconciliation in Lanka” in https://thuppahis.com/2014/05/13/roadblocks-in-the-path-of-reconciliation-in-lanka-ideological-cancers-within-the-sinhala-universe/

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NOTE III =This item was actually prepared before the article entitledCrunched In-Between the Sinha-Le Activists and the Self-Righteous International Cabal that has already been presented in Thuppahi. so these  images and some of the items in the bibliography that follows must be viewed as embellishments and repetitions of old motifs.

Christopher Black 2014 “The Criminalization of International Justice” … talk at Rhodes Forum, 26 Sept 2014,
… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8NHawXaOPc&list=PLF1usGzxawcw_OMzSOrGMOcey428-_9mL

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