Sri Lankans monster their way to Success at the Australia Day Parade in Adelaide

AS elephant The Sri Lankan contingent in the annual AUSTRALIA DAY Parade in Adelaide on 26th January 2016 won the award for the “Most Creative Presentation.” This presentation and its format was organised by the newly-formed SL Association of South Australia. The Sri Lankan Tusker, a masterpiece, was created by the very talented artist Mr Priyantha Peiris. Needless to say there were also dance troupes and drummers. A note and an “appeal” from Dr. Sarath Senadheera are presented below after the series of pictures.

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SLASA – Sri Lanka Association of South Australia

26th January 2016

Dear Fellow Sri Lankans,

                 Australia Day Parade 2016

As you are aware, the Sri Lankan community in Adelaide participated in the Australia Day Parade in the city on the 26th January 2016 for the second consecutive year. Amongst all the segments, the most commended and well appreciated feature of this parade was the Sri Lankan Tusker, a masterpiece was created by the very talented artist Mr Priyantha Peiris. We are proud to say that his efforts and the colourful dancing and music items presented by the children and University students, the Sri Lankan contingent won theaward for the ‘Most Creative’ presentation.

There were many individuals and community groups who worked tirelessly over several months building the tusker, arranging costumes, dancing items and in providing other logistical support. We kindly seek your generous financial support towards this timeless effort by the community. Please remit your contributions to;

Account Name: Sri Lanka Association of South Australia Inc.

BSB Number: 035-212

Account Number: 299040

Ref: Australia Day Parade

Your generous contribution towards this worthy cause is highly appreciated and will provide the stability towards sustaining our cultural heritage for the next generations.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Sarath Senadeera, President, Sri Lanka Association of South Australia (SLASA)

Sri Lanka Association of South Australia Inc

596, The Parade, Auldana –SA 5072

0412 552 541


IMG_4117 Pic by Janaka Gallangoda

IMG_4088 Pic by Janaka Gallangoda

IMG_0713 Pic by Janaka Gallangoda

Pic by Janaka Gallangoda


Wasgamuwa_elephant Pic by a Wayfarer



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3 responses to “Sri Lankans monster their way to Success at the Australia Day Parade in Adelaide

  1. Mel

    Wonderful! Much better than the Avurudu Kumaris in the Australia Day Parade in Melbourne.

  2. Gerry

    nice to see i was born in sl and i am proud of it but it is Australia day whats sl got to do with it or i am i missing some thing here.

    • I suggest that you should write to the AUSTRALIA DAY parade organisers in all the big cities and protest –ask them WHY they include marchers and artefacts representing hyphenated Australian residents in multi-cultural Australia. In other words the symbols and contingents in each parade should be restricted to those of Aboriginal Australians and dinky-die Anglo-Australians, right. Indeed, THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper should be smacked on the palm for this item … Aussies from Elsewhere: Our First Day … and Beyond …..viz.

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