A Flying Scholar for All Seasons: An Appreciation of Graeme Hugo from Canada

Louisa Taylor,  4 February 2015, in  http://themigrationist.net/2015/02/04/migrationist-community-mourns-the-loss-of-prof-graeme-hugo/where the title is “A Gentleman and a Scholar: Migrationist Community Mourns the Loss of Prof. Graeme Hugo”

graeme in OTTAWAIt was one of those steamy late June days in Ottawa, blasting sun one minute and drenching rain the next. Inside the minimalist cool of the Carleton University Art Gallery, Professor Graeme Hugo stood at a podium painting vivid pictures of a world in motion. His words were simple, his delivery understated, but Hugo’s presentation packed a punch.

…..  Using his own ground-breaking studies of Australian border-control data, Hugo showed how much migration is circular or even multi-directional, how much is temporary as opposed to permanent. Hugo’s work with the border-control data and other resources traced the arrival and subsequent departure of Chinese immigrants to Australia, as well as the journeys of second- and third-generation Chinese-Australians back to China. From the podium he spoke of university faculties in China made up almost entirely of Chinese-Australians, people with one foot solidly – and proudly – in each country. His point: we need to take off the blinders that narrow our approach to settlement and integration, and start paying more attention to the revolving door of temporary migration, reverse migration and other under-studied patterns of mobility.

We are a more mobile world than we even realize, Hugo told his small audience of academics, policy makers and artists……

FOR THE THE ORIGINAL INTERNET PRESENTATION VISIT  http://themigrationist.net/2015/02/04/migrationist-community-mourns-the-loss-of-prof-graeme-hugo/

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