The Heart of Islamic Extremism lies in Specific Quranic Tenets says An Ordinary Aussie

Ibn Wirriq, being the pseudonym adopted by an Ordinary Aussie Bloke

Surely it’s time for the Australian National Islamic Council [ANIC] and other major Islamic organizations here came to realize that the “100 plus verses” in the Koran which specifically direct all Muslims to avoid, dislike, discriminate against and direct violent attitudes and actions towards all Jews, Christians, other Infidels and Atheists, were eliminated from it and from other Islamic “so-called” holy books, to end, once and for all, the radicalization process which still is an integral part of Islamic indoctrination for its youth and converts [both male and female], in so many places around the world.

AFTAB MALI with andrew west Aftab Malik with Andrew West of the ABC

For visiting British Muslim commentator Mr Aftab Malik to claim that we are to blame for the disaffected Islamic youth here, reflects the usual blame-shifting and denial prevalent within many sections of the Muslim communities. He forgets that it is our knowledge of those very verses listed above and the tragic effects of their indoctrination make so many non-Muslims suspicious them and of that ideology.

The doctrines of Wahabiism, Salifism, abrogation and taqiyya must also be eliminated surely if Islam is to have any chance of a successful “Reformation”, and all Islamic hierarchies of the 57 nations of the OIC need to recognize and enact such action if Islam is to eventually co-exist peacefully with all others peoples of the World in the 21st Century. Monies from oil rich Saudi Arabia the real centre of Islam [and that of Wahabiism as well] now being used world-wide to build mosques in many Western nations needs some restriction if this invasive trend is to be slowed or halted.

Additionally, the Sunni-Shi’a divide within Islam itself must be resolved peacefully so Muslims stop killing each other and then all adopt some acceptable democratic processes within their communities instead of being slaves to sharia law and its totalitariian dictates. We certainly don’t need any of that violence here as well!

Despite all of that, the apparently now changed “Pillars of Islam”, as indicated by the I.S.I.L’s.violently brutal and lethal actions, which now seem to be [again] based on “Conquest, Submission, Conversion, Deportation or Annihilation”, mean, in that order, are applied according to any one victim’s “individual personal circumstances.” I.S.I.L. will prevail and continue to do so, until or  unless it is totally destroyed by its opponents. This short-term solution is just that and the problems within Islam and from Islam will continue until it undergoes a complete and lasting reformation.

Controversial ABC announcer Walleed Aly has claimed in his book “People like us…..” that Islam has already had its reformation in the form of Al-Qaeda” and now it needs a renaissance”. In this statement he is surely way off the mark as to what the aims and benefits of a reformation could and should be. Confusion with the word “subversion” may be apparent here. As for the other term, any re-birth will demand a major Caesarian operation for any success. It seems difficult to believe either or both could ever occur considering Islamic indoctrination, logic and its resultant “mind-set”.

Until the nature, intensity, content, duration and compulsion of Islamic indoctrination is radically changed to only that of a tolerant, peaceful and purely religious type, the violence will persist and have potential for a major increase.


Thuppahi’s NOTE: Ibn Wirriq is an Australian whom I got to know on internet from a remarkably perceptive comment in another field. The insertion of his thoughts here does not mean that I agree with his views tout court; but do indicate that they are worth airing in the Sri Lankan circuit attuned to this site.

   Australia is faced today with a Hobson’s Choice in reference to the treatment of its tiny networks of Islamic extremists. The government will be damned if they DO and damned if they DON’T. From a position on the Conservative Right Greg Sheridan has outlined the defence for the courses taken recently in his essay “Intelligence Gathering a Key Outcome of Raids,” in The Australian, 1 October 2014. Among other points he makes an important distinction between “courtworthy evidence” and risk-eliminating evidence.

That said, Ibn Wirriq and other Australians must also attend to the danger of Islamophobic extremism expressing itself in ways that feed into the disaffection of radicalised and marginalized Islamic Australian citizens. Extremisms feed off each other.

The series of official raids and the media-hype on the topic has already stimulated graffiti-hate and random instances of White Australian abuse directed at Islamic Australians or the Muslim faith in general. Some forms of verbal abuse are not that distant from the hate expressed by blow or beheading. They constitute acts of despicable violence.

In this situation it is advisable, nay incumbent, on the state agencies to proceed with extra vigour against such forms of victimization: they should pursue high-profile action and institute charges against any individual who indulges in verbal denigration of Muslim citizens. Australia requires some exemplary instances of prosecution against its mainstream hate-mongers. The exemplariness requires media-hype which ensures that the aggressive White anti-Muslim racists are, metaphorically, drawn and quartered in public.

Alas, it is a pity that our legal eagles and sanctimonious human rights advocates draw the line at public shaming as punishment. Michael Roberts

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