Professor Laksiri Jayasuriya’s Work on Immigration & Racism in Australia


Laksiri Jayasuriya’s sons have created a website where his writings on various themes have been usefully collated and placed within the public realm in one domain. Here are the titles of contributions in this particular sphere……….. SEE

* The Australian-Asian Connection: From Alfred Deakin to John Howard * ( an abbreviated version of this has been published in Australian Quarterly.

* Psychology of prejudice

R0010171_Prof Jayasuriya   Emeritus Professor Laksiri Jayasuiya in balmy mood

* Multicultural citizenship – Rethinking Australian Multiculturalism Australian Quarterly

* Australian Multiculturalism Past Present and Future — Dialogue Aug 07

* Charting a New Way for MC migrant action

Mc Reframed

moral dimenion of immigation migration monitor

* Culture and identity and Race

* Legacies of W Aus doc03821320140908112900

Language and Culture in Aust Public Pol

* Construction of Culture and Identity

* understanding Australian Racism

old and new racism 1 AQ

understanding Australian Racism

* combating Racism. a strategic plan for Western Australia

* Culture as the new racism


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