Marcel Bandaranaike strikes wild life gold at Yala

From THE OLD ALOYSIAN with thanks to Marcel

SLOTH BEAR yYALA a sloth bear trudges down the track …

while a leopard ruminates over his kill

leopard appraises his kill elephants crossing Menik Ganga elephants at Menik Ganga

Crocodile- Koma Wewa- Yalacrocs bask at Korna Wewa … .

…while one lunges at deer elsewhere  CROC -DEER

early morn blues -yalaearly morn blues ….

and a cautious quenching of thirst .a cautious drink-yala

deer crossing stream deer on the move


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4 responses to “Marcel Bandaranaike strikes wild life gold at Yala

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  3. San de Silva

    We little realize what a magnificent country we were born into! Vicious parties tried to split it up to further their selfish and misguided ambitions, but fortunately for all of us, their ill-conceived goals were never realized!
    Now the whole Nation is open to all the tourists and citizens alike to travel around in peace to enjoy its pristine beauty and the warm hearts of its peoples!
    May it always remain so!’

  4. Lam Seneviratne

    Hi Marcel,
    You have got some fantastic shots, Congrats

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