TNA visits South Africa and Sampandhan clarifies the Virtues thereof

Following the appointment of Mr Cyril Ramaposa by President Jacob Zuma as his Special Envoy for Sri Lanka, a delegation of the Tamil National Alliance led by its Leader Hon R Sampanthan visited South Africa from the 9th to the 12th of April 2014. The discussions held with the Special Envoy were very fruitful and we look forward to continued engagement with the Special Envoy especially during his impending visit to Sri Lanka.TNA -- 11  TNA   22

* South Africa mediation offers way out for Govt  ………

* Q and A with Sampandhan, Sunday Times, 20 April 2014

* DBS Jeyaraj: “How the Army Killed Three Top Tigers-Theiveegan,Appan and Gobi- Who Tried to Revive the LTTE in Sri Lanka.”


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