Bygone times: Sujatha Singh meeting Harvey and Loxton in Canberra

Quintus de Zylwa

David Cruse and I were Kevin Rudd’s invited guests when he played host to the visiting Sri Lanka Cricket Team in Canberra. Sujatha Singh was India’s High Commissioner to Australia at the time and she is shown here with Neil Harvey and Sam Loxton along with Mr. Balapatabendi and a member of the Sri Lankan High Commission in Sydney.


Neil Harvey and Sam Loxton were members of Don Bradman’s famous cricket team – The Invincibles of 1947. Sujatha Singh was in the headlines again when, as India’s Foreign Secretary, she recently said that the UN Human Rights Council was going beyond it’s mandate in imposing sanctions on Sri Lanka. She went on to say “India has a very close relationship with Sri Lanka and India works closely and consistently with Sri Lanka in protecting mutual interests.”

David Cruse and I found her to be a refreshingly honest and enlightened diplomat. At the request of one of my patient’s grandson, she got Tendulkar to sign a bat for this young budding cricketer Thomas – a much treasured gift for him.

Thomas Hughes (1822-1896) wrote about cricket “It’s more than a game. It’s an institution” — Quintus de Zylva Chairman Sri Lanka Cricket Foundation of Victoria

Foreign Secretary to visit Beijing, Moscow next week

SUJATHA_SINGH__1839276e v sudharshan pic by V Sudharshan




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