Asokan Mandala in Cricket: Cakravarti Emperors replace ICC

Step One — read Michael Atherton: “It’s the end of the ICC world that we used to sort-of know,” 28 January 2014,

Pl 9 Rajasinha IIStep Two — read the following works

* S. J. Tambiah: “The Galactic Polity: The Structure of Traditional Kingdoms in South East Asia” at …originally pubd in 1976 in his World Conqueror,World Ruler.

* Paul Wheatley: Pivot of the Four Quareters, …

* the Mandala Concept =

*Michael Roberts: “Mahinda Rajapaksa: Cakravarti Imagery and Populist Processes,” 28 January 2012,

Victor Lieberman:  Strange Parallels: Southeast Asia in Global Context, c. 800-1830, Volume 1: Integration on the Mainland, Cambridge University Press, 2003.

* HL Seneviratne: “”Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah: Anthropologist And Patriot,” at 

Pl 19 palace & perahara Pl 16 Kirti Sri

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