The OLD and the NEW: VOC set against Katunayake Expressway

VOC clean up VOC coat of arms at Galle Fort being cleaned up–Pic by Sunday Times

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DOGS 22Expressway earns Rs. 2.3 million

KATU EXPRESSWAY junction aerial
News Item in Daily Mirror, Monday, 29 October 2013 11:10
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The Road Development Authority said that the country’s second expressway-Colombo Katunayake Expressway-collected a revenue of Rs 2.3 million rupees during the first six hours of its operations. The collection was from 6 pm yesterday, the time the road was opened for public, to 12 midnight yesterday.
During the first six hours of operations nearly about 8500 vehicles travelled up and down on the expressway. (Sanath Desmond)
NEWS ITEM, Daily News, 31 October 2013: Irangika Range, “EO-3 Expressway yields Rs. 11.3 m in three days,”
Toll fees from the Colombo-Katunayake Expressway (EO-3) has brought in a record income of over Rs.11.3 million within first three days of its commencing operations, Ports and Highways Project Minister Nirmala Kothalawala said. The collection was from 6 pm on October 27, the time the road was opened for public, to 7 am yesterday.

More than 41,415 million vehicles have entered the Colombo-Katunayake expressway through three interchanges of Peliyagoda, Jaela and Katunayake. The Minister said that at the end of the first hour since the opening, 3,000 vehicles had used the Expressway netting in a total of Rs. 800,000. This is a 100 percent increase compared to the income earned by the government from the Southern expressway on the first day,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Southern Expressway, Sri Lanka’s first expressway has earned around Rs.2,087 million as toll fees from 7,124,518 vehicles since its opening on November 30, 2011 up to October 21, 2013. The average daily revenue and number of vehicles with regard to the Southern Expressway is around Rs 3.3 million and 11,409 vehicles. 

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