Loudes Melorin Vincent: an example to us all and in service of AUSLMAT

Quintus de Zylva

MeloDr. (Mrs). Loudes Melorin Vincent is a proud product of the Batticaloa District. Her father was a mechanic and she struggled financially to complete her school education and then went to Peradeniya University to do a degree in dentistry. Her education was supported by the Burgher Union of Batticaloa. In June 2006 she graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Her story is one of great effort in the face of severe financial stresses and one that should serve as a source of encouragement to all those students who want to study and rise up out of the vicious cycle of poverty that drags some children down.

AuSLMAT have supported the Village Education Academy in Batticaloa and enjoy doing a free general medical clinic at Valaichennai in the evening. We saw a six year old girl with a congenital heart defect ( Foramen Ovale). She had come riding on the pillion of her father’s motorcycle from Akkaraipathu – a distance that took them three hours. Her father was delighted with our assessment that surgery was not required.

AuSLMAT is proud to be associated with the poorest of the poor and we encourage them to work hard and rise above the situation they find themselves in.

You can help too with the work that AuSLMAT does in Sri Lanka by attending our 7th Annual Dinner Dance on the  26th October. Keep the date free.

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