Niromi De Soyza’s Message to the Australians at Adelaide Writers’ Week

 Niromi i darkPresented on 20 March 2013 — SEE

Thuppahi was led to this presentation of self by”Niromi” by a blog comment inserted in its ‘leaves.’ This was in the SECTION on “BOOK REVIEWS” rather than the initial review of Tamil Tigress by myself on 21 August 2011. I was on holiday when the Writers’ Week event took place, but those present at one of Subothini Mariatta Anandarajah, alias Niromi’s, presentations said that she shed tears on stage. Those present at two other events in Sydney and Melbourne also indicated that she burst into tears. The implications of this fact remain open to differing interpretations; but must enter everyone’s reading. As significantly, DBS Jeyaraj one of her erstwhile defenders, did not produce his fifth article as promised. In any event, apart from the different versions of the book the world is being presented with (see Bala’s comments) Subothini Anandarajah has shifted her stance and told her [silent] interviewer at Adelaide that she was confronted with the “enemy” when she functioned as  a female Tigress guerilla. But the first book’s back cover blurb speaks of her encounter with “government troops” during that first awful (because her bosom pal died) skirmish in December 1987 . Elsewhere in the book and in interviews she refers to encounters with both Indian and government troops. Again, one has to compare her initial 2009 newspaper account with the stories later. Unfortunately I was only led to the 2009 story AFTER I had written my initial essays.  The discrepancies are quite outstanding. Alas, readers seem to be guided by whether one is a good Tamil-for-the -Tamil-cause or a bad Tamil or a bad non-Tamil. Brand someone a government apologist and thereafter whatever  s/he says becomes unacceptable. Even women indulge in this tactic of playing the man not the ball.  Cheap tactics, simpleton minds! BALA  is a refreshing change [assuming he is truly a Bala].

Spare a moment’s reflection,too, for the Australian journalists and publishers who lap all this up without asking searching questions! Nikki Barraclough in Sydney reacted immediately when I first contacted her and sent the initial questioning of the book. She was on a flying visit abroad and said she would get back to me. Well, nothing followed. Likewise one of the book distributors in Melbourne who was organising a forum and inquired if I was available.When I said I would be severely critical and would not be a good choice, there was surprise expressed and I was not contacted again –no surprise that.         

BALA’s Comment: Submitted on 2013/04/10 at 1:06 am

Dear Prof Michael Roberts, When I read your review about a book which deceived many readers ” Tamil Tigress” by a woman penned under the name of Niromi De Soyza. in later 2011, I did not believe initially.

Addition to your writing , I read a detail blue print in the following link I was really shock to see the motive of the author Niromi De Soyza . Book start with the false information about the date of birth !

i can see how the author Niromi is changes the tune to sell her books in Sri Lanka .Her second edition of the book come to Sri Lanka with the change of cover page and the selective changes in the last chapter to deceive the Sri Lankan readers. But rest of the world get the book with the previous cover (A child with the gun) . Now she is selling in Sri Lanka with the new cover and with the modified last chapter through

How can an average person can capitalise the death of the friend and plight of the people in Sri Lanka to make money and . She is still hiding away not Sri lankan community and avoiding the Sri lankan community .

After failing to get a seat at the Galle Literary festival this year, She started again to justify the war. A very recent appearance with one of the former BBC Journalists at the Adelaide Festival . She has changed the tune according to the audience at the Adelaide festival.

De soyza is very clever in marketing, without spending a penny she is taking piggy bag ride, Authors Francis Harrison and Gordon Weiss will realise one day.

Did you notice how De Soyza justify the economy refugees who are landing from Puttalum, Kalpitty and other coasting area in Sri Lanka. The places never experience war. They pay over1.5 million Sri Lankan rupees to come to Australia. How can a refugee afford to raise such an amount?

Thanks Michael for exposing the truth first to the public about the first interview in the Radio.

It is scary to see what extend Niromi de Soyza can go to deceive for Money . It would be better Niromi De Soyza sells her own body at brothel for making money than selling the dead friend and the citizens of Sri Lanka who are directly caught in the war for making money. what do you think Michael ?



NOTA BENE: Clouds of Deception: Jeyaraj anoints and cloaks Niromi Tigress in had 16,466 hits and 407 Comments. In brief, one has to be a marathon runner to last that course!

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  1. Cedric

    Frances Harrison, journalist and author of Still Counting the Dead, and Niromi de Soyza, former child soldier and author of Tamil Tigress, talk to David Corlett about Sri Lanka’s civil strife, then and now. Adelaide Writers Week, March 2013

    • S Bala


      You must read the shocking background information about the author Niromi de Soyza can be found at

      Australian publisher Allen & Unwin publisher is good in exploiting the Writer’s festival for their book promotion. Tamil tigress book was publicized under the shadow of Francis Harrison . Very soon Francis will realise it. Gordon Weiss already learned a lesson

      Australian publisher Allen & Unwin was sued by the Corby’s family for the manipulation of their story !!!!. .

    • Akr

      ‘Frances Harrison, journalist and author’ The most over abused words in this century are Freedom, Human rights, WMD and Jihad. to call ‘Frances Harrison, journalist a credible journalist is a joke. Journalist are ment to be unbiased yet she says in her many biased articles how she was calling her LTTE friends in the wanni by their pet names only used by their close friends and upon her return to the UK these LTTE commanders who sent people with bombs strapped on them to kill other people whould frequently call her discuss abut the snow in the UK.. some journalist some unbiased views and now she appears in the UK courts to confirm refugees so called that they are LTTE fighters so as to claim asylum in the UK.. she as even gone so far as to quote a ‘Bishop in mannar’ and peddles over 175.000 dead in the ‘Final days of the war’ no doubt the Bishop must have counted the Tsunamil dead as well in these figures. And now she sits with the LTTE western EElam lobby groups to promote the cause…along with Gordon and other LTTE fighters who promote their books.

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