Views of British Ceylon and Lanka

ONE: Video on Sri Lanka … with pulsating musical background ...>

a Hunting Party and A Coffee Planter and some labourers, mid 19th century  

TWO: Old Ceylon 1860s-1950s as collected by Rohan Edirimanne ….under title “Sri Lankan’s seen – Life of Sri Lankans, more than 100 years ago”

Uploaded by ediri123 on 30 Dec 2010……….Collection of Photographs of People & their life, taken during British Colonial Era (1815-1948) which downloaded through Internet. With profound thanks to photographers (Expatriates for sure) , we are able to view how our life in Sri Lanka (Ceylon, Then) had been more than 100 years ago. Please observe what a peaceful life, humble clothing and charming atmosphere enjoyed between [the late 19th century and early 20th century]. Lets View, conserve and pass them for our next Generations” …. SEE

 Lewella ferry  Calverly House verandah  Planting fraternity watch cricket

Web Editor’s comment: In Item two above the captions inscribed in some images are somewhat misleading. Also the term “1800s” should be read as “nineteneth century” … and for photographs it is actually late nineteenth century. For the history of photography in Sri Lanka, see Ismeth Raheem and Percy Colin-Thome, Images of British Ceylon, Singapore, Studio Times, 2000.

The images presented here are NOT part of the collections advertised; but are taken from Roberts, Potency, Power & People in Groups, Colombo, Marga, 2011,

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