Ethnicity, Pluralism and Human Rights: Neelan Tiruchelvam Commemoration Conference

edited by A. J. Canagaratna, Colombo: Unie Arts Pvt Ltd for ICES, 2004, 273 pages


Contents : Introduction: Accountability for Human Rights Abuses of both state and non-state Actors-by- Judge Navanethem Pillay// Comparing Notes on Sri Lanka and Malaysia: the Quest for Inter-Ethnic Harmony–Chandra Muzaffar // Diversity and Pluralism-Alan Phillips // Constitutionalism: Some South Asian Reflections–Kamal Hossain // Antigone, Constitutionalism and Political Change — Vasuki Nesiah// Free Will and Radical Politics: Negotiating an Impasse in Constitutionalism — Nivedita Menon// Human Rights and Military Intervention — Ian Martin// Human Rights Defenders and the Defenders Declaration — Laurie S.Wiseberg// (Im)moral Citizens: Sexuality and the Penal Code in Sri Lanka — Yasmin Tambiah// Prejudice and Hate in Pluralist Settings: The Kingdom of Kandy — Michael Roberts// Beyond Settler and Native as Political Identities: Overcoming the Political Legacy of Colonislism — Mahmood Mamdani// The costs of Belonging: International civil society and feminism —Malathi de Alwis// International Civil Society: An Assessment — Dharm Ghai// Nepal’s Multicultural Society: Negotiating Rights in the National Space — Joanna Pffaf-Czarnecka// A Civil Society Approach to Peace work — Jehan Perera //About the Editor and Contributors.

TRY (a) ICES, Colombo;  (b); (c)

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